Goodbye, Instagram?

small__7622879648By January 16, millions of users all over the world will most likely be kissing Instagram goodbye and deleting their accounts – for good.

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping billion dollars, the move has alarmed users, and have made them wait with baited breath for the next move. The next move in question has indeed happened: the photo-editing and uploading app has changed its user and privacy policy early December, and has shocked Instagramers everywhere.

According to their first-released statement, users who have agreed to Instagram’s new terms and conditions will be giving Instagram permission to sell their photos to any company and used in advertisements. This may not be a big deal to majority of Instagrammers who most take pictures of food, landscapes, and silly faces set to artsy filters, but this is a matter of great concern to people who make living off their images, like, say, bloggers and photographers. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s own wedding photographer wouldn’t have any of it.

Since the uproar, Instagram has issued a follow-up note and promises to reword its terms. However, many users – including National Geographic, no less – are still suspicious and suspending their use of the web app until further notice.

photo credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc