Instagram Alternatives


After their Terms-Of-Service stunt last year, a number of people have sworn off Instagram for good. However, those filters and effects are habits that are certainly hard to quit, and have left people either having withdrawal symptoms, or have sent them crawling back to Instagram. What to do?

Here are some alternatives you can try out and decide for yourself if they sate your filter hunger.

The biggest contender for the top spot is Flickr. As we mentioned in the previous post, it now accepts users with open arms and has its own share of scrumptious filters to offer. You can also try BeFunky, another photo-editing app that gives a lot of choices within their choices of looks. Last but not least is Pixlr-o-matic, with an easy-to use interface with filters, photo accessories, and frames to choose from. They all make photo-sharing a cinch – with just a few clicks of your mouse or a few touches on your smartphone, you’ve instantly made a filterific picture you can share with your friends.

photo credit: Erik J. Gustafson via photopin cc