Get Fit! Get Strong! Get Social!

At one point or another, every person on the planet has at least thought once about their fitness level. medium_2212219500Whether it be for vanity, for health, or for goal-setting, people the world over have made some effort in their lives to get back to exercising. That’s why we now have quite the lucrative market of gym memberships, exercise machines, exercise apparel, and more. Fitness and well-being have transformed from becoming simply an activity to a lifestyle choice, and people who actively get out there have become to be viewed as the elite from afar.

If you have a difficult time being consistent with your exercise regimen, and if you find it disheartening to keep at it when it seems the results haven’t been visible at all, Fitoracy might be just the app for you. It’s essentially a form of mobile phone social media with a
Fitness twist. Once you join, you’re encouraged to choose what type of exercise to target what fitness aspect you’d like to do today, and you can track your development as you go. It also issues challenges to you as often as you’d like, and you gain access to both knowledge and motivation from millions of users the world over.

photo credit: bass_nroll via photopin cc