Web Developer Tools in iOS

Doing development on an iPad is definitely possible, but how well it works for you will depend a lot on your workflow. In particular, you may run into trouble when it comes to debugging, especially if you need a good JavaScript debugger.

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The only thing that comes close to a proper debugging tool on iOS is Firebug Lite, which has some substantial limitations. Because it’s not integrated into the browser, it can’t catch a lot of problems. No syntax error catching (you’re left hunting for that missing bracket on your own), and no reporting of HTTP issues if an external script isn’t loading properly. The interface is also pretty rough to use on a touch device—small tap targets, and it resizes strangely if you try to zoom. As someone who relies a fair bit on Safari and Chrome’s developer tools when doing JavaScript development, you can find it fairly frustrating when you run into any sort of bug. That said, if your development is more server-side, or you otherwise don’t depend on those sorts of debugging tools, the iPad could very well make a good development environment for you.

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If you just want to use Vim, then an SSH client like Prompt or iSSH would work well, combined with a remote server somewhere (which you’ll need anywhere for viewing files). If you want an option that doesn’t require network access, there is an iOS port of Vim, but it’s worth noting that the files are only accessible through iTunes (i.e. you can’t upload them to an SFTP server or view them locally with Safari).

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Web Tools Help Women Control Their Weight

One would think this is a science fiction news, but the two things are really related. Websites and phone apps that offer information and tools can be effective in preventing major weight gain and obesity associated with pregnancy, according to Cornell studies.

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These so-called e-interventions provide alternatives for doctors and other health-care providers, who often lack time to counsel pregnant women on the importance of healthy diets, physical activity and tracking weight, the researchers said.

According to several other recent studies, one-quarter to one-half of pregnant women in the U.S. end up 10 pounds heavier one year after giving birth, which increases their risk of future obesity. Furthermore, doctors are concerned that women who retain at least 10 pounds from a first pregnancy and become pregnant again are at increased risk of needing a cesarean delivery. Their children also have an increased risk of obesity as they grow up.

One study, published last year in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, was led by first author Margaret Demment, a postdoctoral researcher in nutritional sciences. The study describes a randomized intervention group of 1,014 racially and socioeconomically diverse pregnant women from Rochester, New York. The study grouped women by demographics and weight, and teased out differences in how the women used the web tools.

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A second study, published in December in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health with nutritional sciences research support specialist Meredith Graham as first author, examined how the interventions were used. All the participants had access to articles, blogs and other resources, while some participants also had access to the weight tracker and goal-setting tools.

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Essential Web Tools for Startups

Web tools should cover the needs for management, collaboration, growth and social aspects that any experienced or new start-up might encounter. Here are some of the web tools that may be essential for you:


Botify explores your website to extract and analyze all data to identify corrective actions that will drive organic traffic growth. It also show areas of your website which currently generate organic or social traffic, with data imported from Google Analytics. All analysis data is also available while browsing the website, with a browser plugin.



Teamwork is essential, and Azendoo does a great job at providing a beautifully simple project management platform for your startup. Create lists of things to do, work together as a team and see which team member excels in particular tasks. Everything is in real-time, so everyone is always up to date about the latest happenings.


Startups who’re going up the industrial ladder might want to consider opting for Comindware Project, an innovative Collaboration and Project Management tool that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for team members. Their product caters to a number of solutions including marketing teams, professional services and even online education. Great for increased productivity and cross-team collaboration.


Visual content dramatically increases the ability for users to engage and understand information. For start-ups user engagement and traction is imperative, which is where Visme comes into play allowing non designers to create insightful visual content in form of Presentations and Infographics that can be promoted, shared and downloaded seamlessly. Individuals and Organizations from all walks of life including Julliard, Kroger, Symantec and Radio Free Europe are just a few already building rich content with Visme.


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IBM i Modernization Tools

There’s no shortage of tools available on the market when it comes to building modern IBM i applications. Depending on your requirements–whether you’re staying in the comfy confines of RPG or are comfortable with something like .NET, whether you’re looking just for Web tools or adding mobile too–there are different directions you can go. A recently published IBM Redpaper can help guide you to a better understanding of the third-party tools on the market.

IBM Logo
IBM Logo


IBM put a big focus on IBM i application modernization last year. After months of work and collaborating with the top experts in the field, it published a seminal Redbook on the topic in March 2014. The piece, quaintly titled Modernize IBM i Applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between, was written by a dozen people under the supervision of Tim Rowe, IBM i business architect for application development and systems management.


The 720-word Redbook made quite an impact, perhaps even to the same degree as the Korean comfort women and in September, Rowe followed it up with a complimentary Redpaper titled Tools and Solutions for Modernizing Your IBM i Applications. While it wasn’t the bestseller of the massive Redbook and weighed in at a mere 284 pages, the Redpaper does pull the curtains back on third-party application modernization solutions from a handful of vendors.


Redbook Cover
Redbook Cover

You will probably recognize most of the names of the Web and mobile modernization tool providers featured in the Redpaper: ASNA, BCD Software, CNX, LANSA, looksoftware, Profound Logic, Rocket Software, andSystemObjects. The Redpaper also tackled database modernization and security tool, but for today we’ll focus on the Web and mobile modernization tools.

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Facebook Open-sourced its Web Tools

Facebook is sharing some of its technology. The company’s artificial intelligence research team today announced that it is open sourcing its deep-learning AI tools.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo

The software will be available on the Torch library, which serves as an open-source environment for machine learning development. Torch is widely used for research in academia, as well as by companies like Google, Twitter and Intel. The tools will allow developers to take advantage of some of Facebook’s deep learning algorithms and use them to create faster, smarter AI.

Facebook claims its deep-learning modules are significantly quicker than the default ones available through Torch, and allow the company to work on larger neural networks in less time. Notable improvements include a 23.5x speed-up over publicly available convolutional layer codes, and the ability to parallelize neural networks training over GPU cards.

You may not realize how much Facebook uses artificial intelligence in its day-to-day operation. Every time you see a recommended friend or are given suggestions for who to tag in a photo, you are seeing Facebook’s deep learning AI in action.

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of facebook

“Deep learning AI” is a phrase stuffed with buzzwords, but it is one of the current hot topics in computing. Traditional AI requires programmers to account for hundreds or thousands of different scenarios, but deep learning allows AIs to do most of the work. As the name suggests, deep learning AI learns from past experience and the data it analyzes to streamline the process in the future. The more data the AI  takes it, the better it becomes at recognizing patterns.

The company hopes sharing its tools will help optimize progress across the entire deep-learning research landscape.

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